• These general conditions (“General Conditions”) govern and are an integral part of the website www.diibeachhouse.com (“Site”), owned by José Augusto Pereira Dias, with headquarters at Rua dos Marinheiros 18, 2560-430, Casalinhos de Alfaiata , Portugal, holder of NIF no. 130048747, registered with CAE no. 55201 and Tourism License no. 96344/AL, whose purpose is to provide tourist accommodation reservation services (“Accommodation”).


  • Each reservation made to “Dii Beach House” – José Augusto Pereira Dias  through the Internet will be governed by these General Sales Conditions. These apply to the exclusion of all other conditions. By placing an order, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and accepted, without reservation, these General Sales Conditions.
  • By using this website, you accept and agree to be bound by our Terms of Use and the Internet Privacy Policy. Dii Beach House invites you to carefully read the content of this Policy before using the services provided on this website.
  • Dii Beach House reserves the right, at any time, to change these General Reservation Conditions, publishing on this website the new version of its General Reservation Conditions.


  • When registering on this website, you must ensure that the mandatory information provided is correct and complete.
  • We ask that you inform Dii Beach House about changes in address or other changes, updating your personal details on this website without delay.



  • When registering to use this website, you will be asked to create a password. You must keep it strictly confidential, not revealing it or sharing it with third parties.
  • You are fully responsible for the use of your password as well as any reservations made with it, even without your knowledge.
  • If you know or suspect that someone has known or used your password, you should immediately inform Dii Beach House.


  • When booking any reservation, the Client must correctly fill in the respective form, indicating the arrival and departure dates, number of people and additional services, always subject to confirmation of availability by Dii Beach House, as well as their personal data and payment, taking full responsibility for the choices made and for the information provided, which must be complete, true and up to date.
  • With the confirmation of the reservation data by the Client, a reservation code is assigned to him, which must be referenced in all contacts with Dii Beach House, acquiring the Client the right to the services contracted to Dii Beach House, under the terms and conditions described in the respective proof of booking.
  • When booking only Accommodation, the Client is fully responsible for obtaining and/or contracting means of transport that allow him/her to enjoy the contracted services.
  • Likewise, the Client assumes full responsibility for possessing and/or obtaining the necessary documents (such as identification documents, authorizations, visas and vaccination certificates) for entry into the country and/or location of the Accommodation or where they stop during the purchased, and you must inform yourself in good time when you have only booked Accommodation.
  • Due to the special regimes and tariffs for children, which vary, among other factors, according to age and travel dates, Dii Beach House advises the Client to inform themselves in advance before making the reservation.
  • No refunds are due for goods and/or services that, although made available to the Customer, he chooses not to enjoy or use.


Prices and Fees

  • The prices paid for reservations are those shown on this website at the time the reservation is made, including VAT.
  • Dii Beach House reserves the right to change its prices at any time as well as cancel a reservation in case of writing, printing or calculation errors.
  • The prices shown in the “checkout” process always correspond to the most up-to-date prices in force, however, they should only be considered valid while they are visible on the website on a refreshed page (cache or pages not refreshed, may show prices that are no longer in effect ).
  • The displayed price is only guaranteed under these conditions and only after the reservation is duly registered and paid in accordance with the payment terms contained in these General Sales Conditions.
  • Changes to reservations and cancellations are subject to price variations, calculated according to the type of reservation, the date of its realization (or the respective change or cancellation) and the rate applicable on the desired date. Additionally, Dii Beach House will charge the Customer a commission of 5% of the reservation value in the event of a cancellation.

Payment and Reservation Validation

  • The Client must pay the amount indicated on the reservation form as a prerequisite to be able to enjoy the contracted reservation.
    Dii Beach House offers the following payment methods:

    • Credit card.
  • In the case of payment by credit card, the debit will be made on the User’s card immediately after the order is registered.
  • Dii Beach House will make every effort to ensure maximum confidentiality and security in data transmitted over the internet.
  • In order for your reservation to be accepted and validated, payment must be made within the terms and deadlines set out in these General Sales Conditions.
  • After confirmation of receipt of payment, and within a maximum period of twenty-four hours, an email will be sent to confirm the validation of the reservation. The email will be sent to the email address indicated by the Customer at the time of registration on the website.


Discounts and Promotions

  • The Client may have access to discounts and special rates when making a reservation, as long as he is fully authorized to obtain the Benefits and correctly introduces his identification number.
  • Dii Beach House may carry out on the Site, with a limited scope or not, certain promotions (“Promotions”) and discounts (“Discounts”) on reservations made by Customers.
  • The following conditions apply to Benefits, Promotions and Discounts
    • i) For the benefit of certain Promotions and/or Discounts, the Customer may be asked to enter a promotional code (“Promotional Code”) or to prepay the reservation;
    • ii) Benefits, Promotions and Discounts are subject to availability confirmation;
    • iii) Dii Beach House reserves the right to cancel Benefits, Promotions and/or Discounts or to reject a Promo Code when the total value of Promo Codes already used exceeds a certain financial value or when they are used fraudulently (namely, by anyone who is not its owner/beneficiary);
    • iv) The Benefits, Promotions and Discounts are only valid for reservations made through the Site and are not transferable to third parties;
    • v) In case of cancellation or non-use of a reservation made within the scope of a Benefit, Promotion or Discount, the value of the Benefit, Promotion or Discount will not be refunded, nor will its reapplication in another reservation be guaranteed;
    • vi) If there is a change, on the Client’s initiative, of the characteristics and/or ownership of a reservation made within the scope of a Benefit, Promotion or Discount, the latter may lose the benefit/perk granted by the reservation, the provisions of which apply, in case of giving up;
    • vii) The use of fraudulent mechanisms to obtain Benefits, Promotions or Discounts makes the Client responsible under the general terms and gives Dii Beach House the right to choose between (a) the application of the non-discounted rate and (b) the termination of the Contract , this resolution being equated, as to the consequences arising therefrom, to the termination of the Contract by the Customer, without prejudice to the right of Dii Beach House to be compensated for all damages suffered;
    • viii) Dii Beach House reserves the right to cancel and/or change the Benefits, Promotions and Discounts at any time;
    • vix) Saving a product or reservation in the “shopping cart” does not guarantee the price or the discount.


  • The characteristics of the Accommodation are those stated in the reservation. However, since the photographs of the Accommodation were not taken on the day the Customer made the reservation, there may be non-substantial differences between the photograph and the reality on the date of enjoyment of the services contracted by the Customer, which do not give the Customer the right to any modification of the Agreement.
  • The prices shown are for the entire accommodation, however they may be shown per person or depending on other characteristics, which in any case will be duly indicated on the Site when making a reservation.
  • If the Client presents himself with more people than those indicated in the reservation to use the Accommodation, the management may refuse his entry, a situation for which Dii Beach House cannot be held responsible.
  • If there is an overbooking situation (that is, more reservations than available Accommodations) in the Accommodation booked by the Client, the Client expressly acknowledges and accepts that Dii Beach House reschedule the dates of the stay together with the Client and without, therefore entitled to any indemnity or termination of the Contract.
  • Upon arrival, you will find the Hostess who will check the citizen card of all guests and collect the 150€ deposit in cash
  • Check-in can be done from 17:00 to 20:30. After this time, check-in will only take place with the agreement of the host and a late check-in charge of €40 will be charged
  • Check-out must be done by 11 am
  • The deposit will be returned up to 4 days after check-out, with no damage to the Accommodation and property.
  • As a rule, the Accommodation can be used from 17:00 hours on the day of arrival and must be left free before 11:00 hours on the day of departure (in both cases, at the local time of the respective Accommodation). Staying in the Accommodation beyond the check-out time depends on the acceptance of the Dii Beach House management and the availability of the calendar, giving rise to the charge of 1 extra night.
  • If the Client does not show up at the Accommodation by 20:00 on the check-in date indicated on the proof of booking, the Accommodation may disregard the reservation and sell the Accommodation to third parties, for which Dii Beach House cannot be held responsible.
  • The Client is obliged to comply with the internal regulation for the use of the Accommodation, if any, and Dii Beach House cannot be held responsible for damages suffered by the Client as a result of the violation thereof.
  • Parties or events inside and outside the accommodation are not allowed.
  • The accommodation does not provide beach towels.
  • Identification documents are required for all guests upon check-in.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited in the accommodation.
  • The accommodation provides facilities for babies, namely crib and baby chair upon request and payment of an extra fee defined by the accommodation.
  • Pets allowed on request – Only 1 dog allowed per stay.
  • The client is obliged to comply with the House and Pool Rules posted in the accommodation, as well as to sign a document at check-in in which he undertakes to comply with the same regulation.



  • The customer can cancel the reservation up to 30 days before check-in, however, a commission of 5% of the reservation amount will be charged. The full amount of the reservation will be charged to the guest if cancellation is made 30 days or less before arrival. If the guest does not show up, the total amount of the reservation will be charged.
  • In case of illness or death, proof must be sent to the owner who will then issue a voucher to use on other dates. The stay is non-refundable.


  • The User may submit their complaints to Dii Beach House – José Augusto Pereira Dias (Rua dos Marinheiros 18, 2560-430 Casalinhos de Alfaiata) by email to the address diibeachhouse@gmail.com or through the Online Complaints Book whose link found at the footer of the site.


Limitation of Liability

  • Dii Beach House is not responsible for any inconvenience or damage caused to the User by the use of the Internet network, such as: service disruption, external intrusion, anomalies caused by computer viruses or any other case of force majeure.

Processing of Personal Data

  • The User authorizes Dii Beach House to process in an automated way the personal data provided by the purchase order, in particular, through the use of cookies.


  • The User authorizes Dii Beach House to process in an automated way the personal data provided by the purchase order, in particular, through the use of cookies. Cookies are files that are stored on your computer and that allow you to improve the experience of using the website. Cookies cannot contain viruses and are non-executable files, so they do not pose any security risk. Dii Beach House uses cookies, for example, to store the language of the website, your access data, or the pages you have visited for statistics, allowing for faster and more efficient navigation and eliminating the need to repeatedly enter the same information.
  • The use of cookies can be blocked or limited through your browser settings (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari or others), however you will lose the ability to use all the features of Dii Beach House. For more information about cookies see www.allaboutcookies.org


Newsletter Dii Beach House

  • The Dii Beach House Newsletter is given to e-mails with promotions, offers and information, sent directly to the User’s email box provided to Dii Beach House at the time of User registration.
  • The User has the possibility of subscribing to the Newsletter, being automatically registered from the moment he makes his first online order.
  • To modify your personal data or suspend the request to send the Newsletter, you must go to your registration and deactivate this option or send an email with the same request to diibeachhouse@gmail.com.
  • The Dii Beach House Newsletter is exclusive to the Dii Beach House Internet website owned by José Augusto Pereira Dias.


Intellectual property

  • All content on the Dii Beach House website is the intellectual property of José Augusto Pereira Dias, and cannot be copied or reproduced, except to the extent strictly necessary to allow its online reading.
  • The contents on this site are produced by internal and external sources, so Dii Beach House is not responsible for the lack of updating and/or inaccuracy of this information.
  • All texts, images, illustrations, photographs, trademarks and other elements of the Dii Beach House website are protected by law.
  • The User who has a website on the Internet and who wishes to place, for his personal use, a link that refers directly to the Dii Beach House website, must ask José Augusto Pereira Dias for authorization.
  • In the latter case, it will not be an implicit affiliation agreement.



  • The Parties agree that the computerized records, kept in Dii Beach House’s computer systems under reasonable security conditions, prove the communications, orders and payments made between the parties.

Preservation and Archive of Transactions

  • The file of reservations and invoices will be made on a reliable and durable support to correspond to a faithful and lasting copy.

Applicable Law and Competent Jurisdiction

  • These General Sales Conditions are governed by Portuguese law and the parties agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Portuguese Courts.

Alternative Resolution of Consumer Disputes

  • In the event of a consumer dispute, the consumer can use the European Dispute Resolution Platform online, available at http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr or in the national territory to the various entities for alternative resolution of consumer disputes, of which we suggest:
    • Lisbon Consumer Dispute Arbitration Center
    • Rua dos Douradores nº116 – 2º 1100 – 207 Lisbon
    • 218 807 030
    • director@centroarbitragemlisboa.pt
    • juridico@centroarbitragemlisboa.pt
    • www.centroarbitragemlisboa.pt
  • More information at the Consumer Portal www.consumidor.pt.